Since 2005, we develop our ticketing software

In 2015, cyber-web.be SPRL was created to support the preperity of our solution

in the Software domain


Created in 2015

User Interface

is simple, efficient, easy to use
and has a lot of functionalities

Every project

is professionally made
with as much attention as possible

Customer Service




of ticketing for cultural centers and cinemas 100% custom-made

Experience, Knowledge & Efforts

at the top of technologie

Team specialized in

making ticketing services for cultural centers

Material for your Cultural Center

Bollards, access barriers, connected objects (IOTI), coin-operated machines etc. for your cultural center


Credit Cards

Paying afterwards allows you to go a long way immediately for your center.


Bank Terminal

Is linked to our application

without coding


Cash In

Without touching thanks to bankwire

and coin-operators



To recieve without touching


Manage access

To your cultural center
Thanks to access portals


Ticket Machines

For self-service


Cultural-center.pro provides compagnies with a gamma of products that are part of their office IT infrastructure.



About workshops, expositions, cinema... Click on "See More" for more info.



Everything you need to manage in one place

Cultural-Center.pro is a software you need to sell tickets in an modern, fast and efficient way. At the top of the web technologie, it's made to combine multiple functions of web reservations but also using the power of a cash register-type Ticketing.

Customer management

Easily manage your cultural center, your customers, get information about them and sales history


Clear stats about your cultural center, nationalities, customers, 
sales, popular shows and more!


Easily sell tickets in a simple interface and environment.
Easy and user friendly nav,


Manage your accountancy
in a simple way
thanks to our system, generate a cash sheet with all options you might want..

Collaborative Tool

We work together,
if you or any customer has an idea,
there is a chance we'll add it!


Easy to learn sales interface
to sell, refund your sales and make reservations, easy to learn.

Interactive plan

Implement our ticketing software in your website, on a cash register or directly in your browser


Not only can you sell tickets, there is also a wide catalog of products and services you could add, you can add an online store for example

Sales interface

Rather you sell tickets for an event, or you might also have a webshop for products; the sales interface is easy to use


People can take Memberships/ Subscriptions if they want to do multiple events from your ticketing service


Passports are similar to Subscriptions, they hold an amount of credits you can use on multiple events

Easy and intuitive Interface

Our interface is user-friendly containing a lot of features, we also explain these features in user guides we have made to make it even easier

Manage documents

Easily manage all of your docs and important files. Make custom newsletters and more.

Rooms Management

Easily manage your rooms,
Adapt their availabilities and
download the planning

Ressources Management

Interface to manage different
ressources, manage your rooms
and available locals


An option to put a planning
on events exists.
See everything on a clear planning

Interconnexion with accountancy

An interconnection with accountancy
software makes everything better


Price List

For pricing you can contact us at :



  • Ticketing with
    fixed price


  • We do


  • Sales on
    the internet


  • Maintenance
    and support



Our solution of software is based on software blocks that give it a big stability and a big chance to evolve.
Using Cultural-center.pro is intuitive and benefits a great visual confort, with a clear presentation and quick access to all ressourses.
An easy to use ergonomy. 

The software is created with PHP and on the database Mysql.

-> Using our ticketingsoftware is not submitted with one license per user.
-> We help you while you are using the software A users manual that grows with the software
-> A program, a product, no license costs



Our Crew


Manager & Web-designer


Project Manager & Developper

POPPE Bjarne

Translator, Graphic Designer, Web-designer

AND why not you?

We are looking for new talents,
don't hesitate to contact us

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